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Lesson 10-The Great Outdoors

Hello All-finally a new video.

So sorry for the delay. I do hope everyone is still practicing and studying!

This is a very fun lesson. Please post any questions you might have. There are signs that are the same or very similar; watch closely.

You will notice a different format-I upgraded my Laptop to an Apple and iMovie is very different. It may take me a video or two to get the bugs worked out!

~Happy Signing!


Lesson 9-Shopping

Lesson 7 Quiz

~Happy Signing!

Lesson 7-Part Two

~Happy Signing!

Lesson 7-Part One

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Quiz #6



~Happy Signing!

Lesson 6-Part Two

Here are the last few signs of Lesson 6 (Sorry for the sirens–there is a Fire Department right down the road)

Hope you are all doing well and studying while I am suffering here in Paradise:)

~Happy Signing!