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Quiz #6



~Happy Signing!


Lesson 6-Part Two

Here are the last few signs of Lesson 6 (Sorry for the sirens–there is a Fire Department right down the road)

Hope you are all doing well and studying while I am suffering here in Paradise:)

~Happy Signing!

Story One

~Happy Signing!

~Happy Signing!

Welcome Back!

It’s a New Year-which means a new resolve to really dig in and regain that excitement and momentum to learn Sign Language. Think of all the possibilities. When you started this class-there was a plan-maybe you just thought it was going to be fun-(and it is!)–but it is also hard and it takes a lot of practice. Use this Blog-practice-practice-get together in groups and practice some more!

Please support Kayla and Ryan while I am gone–don’t be a bad class:) I will continue to post videos and of course, the quizzes-and there will be a story or two.

So-this was your little pep talk–don’t let what you have learned slide-now is the time when we will really start building on what you have learned-

I hope you like the ‘teaser’ photo I took at the beach–yes, it is like this everyday–but I want you to really B.E.L.I.E.V.E that you can do this!

Class resumes on Sunday at 4:00 PM-

~Happy Signing

Silent Night

~Happy Signing and Merry Christmas!

~Happy Signing