Sign Language Lessons on Video!

What’s It All About?

This Video Blog is all about sign language. Weekly lessons for review and answers to comments and questions about sign language.

My hope is teach and encourage sign language students-through review and study on this Vlog.  This Vlog is dedicated for use in a sign language ministry.

Questions and corrections of the vocabulary and sign choices are very welcome.


Comments on: "What’s It All About?" (4)

  1. Users on the FBC network can now access the video files without heading to 🙂
    Just go to in your browser then find the video file you want to watch!

  2. Meghan Case said:

    Even using the URL number, my computer won’t access the videos. TOOO SLOOOW! 🙂 Is there any way to improve the speed? I have a new computer, so that’s not the problem…just don’t have time to sit all night waiting for it to load.

  3. Meghan, I have had good luck going to Youtube, click down load….read e-mail, ect or go do something else like fix a sandwitch, etc while waiting. Good luck

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